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Welcome to Take-off Aviation Marketplace

We, as aviation enthusiasts, believe that with this website we address a significant need which we have identified. Namely, a consolidated and easily navigable directory of aircraft, products and services marketed by and to the aviation community.

Our vision and mission statements below clarify our objectives.

Whether you are a seller, a potential customer or just an aviation enthusiast, please browse this site as often as you wish. No registration is required. (If you wish to post an advertisement you will need to register – see the ‘Register’ button at the top of this page.)

We are confident that as Take-off Aviation Marketplace attracts more and more advertisers, you will find it increasingly interesting. You may wish to bookmark it to facilitate your return visits.

However, before you proceed, we do suggest that you read our Terms and Conditions to obviate any misunderstandings about our role and our mutual expectations.

On This Day in Aviation History

1922 - 1st Lt. Harold Ross Harris (1897-1988) becomes the first member of the U.S. Army Air Service to save his life by parachute, when the Loening PW-2A, (probably AS-64388), he is testing out of McCook Field, Ohio, suffers vibration, loses part of left wing or aileron, so he parts company with the airframe, landing safely. Two sources gives the date as 20 October. McCook Field personnel create the "Caterpillar Club" for those whose lives are saved by parachute bail-out with Harris the plank-holding member.

With acknowledgement to Wikipedia.

Vision of Take-off Aviation Marketplace

To become the website of first choice for those passionate about, or just interested in, aviation who wish to advertise, purchase and browse aircraft, products and services related to aviation.

Mission of Take-off Aviation Marketplace

We aim to provide an attractive and functional website devoted to aviation which:

  • provides cost-effective opportunities to sellers to market their aircraft, related products and services;

  • allows prospective customers to view offerings from a range of sellers and to make contact with their selected suppliers; and

  • encourages all interested in aviation to browse advertised aircraft, related products and services on a regular basis.

Flowing from this we envisage that the interests of sellers, customers and others will be well-satisfied, resulting in the continued growth of the website until it attains and maintains its position as the ‘go to’ source of information relating to offerings in the aviation marketplace.